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integer as int32
coresUsed Optional

Count for cores in use

integer as int32
count Optional

Count for entitlement in use

integer as int32
devicesUsed Optional

Count for edges in use

integer as int32
edgesUsed Optional

Count for edges in use

query Optional

Search query used to calculate the usage

integer as int32
socketsUsed Optional

Count for sockets in use

type Optional

License usage objects

Possible values are: VMware vSphereVMware Cloud on AWSAWSAzurePhysical IPsSD-WANNetworking Devices

unit Optional

Capacity types for license usage

Possible values are: CPUsVMsEdgesDevicesIPsvCPUsHosts

JSON Example

	"coresUsed": 1584,
	"count": 132,
	"devicesUsed": 0,
	"edgesUsed": 0,
	"query": "Hosts where manager.SDDC Type = 'ONPREM' and model != 'VMware Mobility Platform' and Witness = False group by manager order by sum(CPU Sockets)",
	"socketsUsed": 132,
	"type": "VMware vSphere",
	"unit": "CPUs"


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