[{"label":"Latest (8.10.0)","version":"latest"},{"version":"8.6.3"}]


Query for alert notes by various criteria. Composition of filtering criteria controlled via the compositeOperator property. For Pagination see PageInfo For sorting see AlertNoteField and SortOrder enumerations. If a sort field is not specified but pagination is requested the Alert notes will be sorted by the alertNoteId field.


alert-query Required

Return alert notes associated with alerts matching query criteria

array of string as uuid
alertNoteId Optional

Filter based on Alert Note identifiers

array of string
alertNoteType Optional

Filter based on alert note types

Possible values are: SYSTEMUSERUNKNOWN

compositeOperator Optional

Indicates the composition of the filtering criteria. Either all of the filtering criteria apply together (AND operation) or any of the filtering criteria could be applied (OR operation) Defaults to AND. Note: backend only supports AND currently

Possible values are: ANDOR

array of string
content Optional

Filter based on note contents

creationTimeRange Optional

Filter based on matching UTC creation time

array of string
userName Optional

Filter based on user names

JSON Example

	"alert-query": {}
[{"label":"Latest (8.10.0)","version":"latest"},{"version":"8.6.3"}]
Parameter To

Query Alert Notes


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