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Besides local users, vRealize Operations Manager also allows users from external systems such as LDAP, Active Directory, VC, SSO to login using their original credentials. Authentication of all such users are delegated to external systems. This model represents a single auth source managed by vRealize Operations Manager.


sourceType Required

Type of the Auth source.

  • LDAP
  • VC
  • VIDM

string as uuid
id Required

Immutable Identifier of the Auth Source

name Required

Name of the External System. Set by admin when the source is added or imported into vROps. name and id of a source is unique with the exception that name can be modified by a system admin.

array of Certificate
certificates Optional

Certificate details of the Authentication Source. Typically this will be present if and only if the Authentication Source enforces SSL

integer as int64
lastModified Optional

The Auth Source last modification time in millisecond

array of Link
links Optional

Represents a HTTP ’link’ element. It is implicit that all the link tags support http ‘GET’ method.

array of NameValue
property Optional

Properties of the Authentication Source. The actual values of the metadata elements relevant for the specific Authentication Source

integer as int64
created Optional

The Auth Source creation/import time in milliseconds

JSON Example

	"id": "string",
	"name": "string",
	"sourceType": {
		"id": "string",
		"name": "string"
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Get Auth Source


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