[{"label":"Latest (2022-10-31)","version":"latest"}]


Object used to request latest stats (metrics) on a collection of resources. Defines search criteria as well as expected data set.


currentOnly Optional

Indicates whether to report only “current” stat values, i.e. skip the stat-s that haven’t published any value during recent collection cycles.

integer as int32
maxSamples Optional

The maximum number of samples to return when querying latest stats. Defaults to 1 so that when processing the query if it is omitted the response would contain a single sample

metrics Optional

Indicates whether specified statKey-s of query should be forcibly treated as metrics (does not include instanced stats)

array of string as uuid
resourceId Optional

Array of Resource ids for which the latest stats should be fetched

array of string
statKey Optional

Array of stat keys for which the latest stats should be returned

wrapStatValues Optional

Indicates whether stat values should be wrapped for application/xml response content type. This flag is false by default and not needed for application/json response. If set to true “statValues” will be returned instead of “values” for all content types.

JSON Example

	"currentOnly": false,
	"maxSamples": 0,
	"metrics": false,
	"resourceId": [
	"statKey": [
	"wrapStatValues": false
[{"label":"Latest (2022-10-31)","version":"latest"}]
Parameter To

Query Latest Stats Of Resources


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