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Group membership rule. Requires the resource kind key to specify a resource kind to be included in the group. Optionally the included resources can be filtered by metric key/property rules, relationship rules or resource name rules.


resourceKindKey Required

The resource kind identifier for the membership rule group NOTE: To run the rule for ALL adapter kinds’ ALL resource kinds, set “ALL” for BOTH resourceKind and adapterKind parameters

propertyConditionRules Optional

Collection of property conditions for a custom group

relationshipConditionRules Optional

Collection of relationship rules for a custom group

resourceNameConditionRules Optional

Collection of resource name rules for a custom group

resourceTagConditionRules Optional

Collection of resource tag rules for a custom group

statConditionRules Optional

Collection of metric conditions for a custom group

JSON Example

	"resourceKindKey": {
		"adapterKind": "string",
		"resourceKind": "string"
[{"label":"Latest (2022-10-31)","version":"latest"}]
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