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Appliance certificate in X509 format.


certificate Optional

Certificate in PEM format.

array of string
extended_key_usage Optional

Indicates one or more purposes for which the certified public key may be used, in addition to or in place of the basic purposes indicated in the key usage extension field.

array of string
issuer_alternative_names Optional

Issuer alternative names.

issuer_dn Optional

Issuer distinguished name of the certificate.

array of boolean
issuer_unique_id Optional

Issuer unique ID.

array of boolean
key_usage Optional

Boolean array representing bits of the KeyUsage extension, (OID = The key usage extension defines the purpose (e.g., encipherment, signature, certificate signing) of the key contained in the certificate. The ASN.1 definition for this is:

KeyUsage ::= BIT STRING {
     digitalSignature        (0),
     nonRepudiation          (1),
     keyEncipherment         (2),
     dataEncipherment        (3),
     keyAgreement            (4),
     keyCertSign             (5),
     cRLSign                 (6),
     encipherOnly            (7),
     decipherOnly            (8) }

string as date-time
not_after Optional

End date from the validity period of the certificate.

string as date-time
not_before Optional

Start date from the validity period of the certificate.

public_key Optional

Public key of the certificate.

public_key_algorithm Optional

Public key algorithm of the certificate.

public_key_format Optional

Public key format of the certificate.

serial_number Optional

The serial number of the certificate. The serial number is an integer assigned by the certification authority to each certificate. It must be unique for each certificate issued by a given CA (i.e., the issuer name and serial number identify a unique certificate).

sig_alg_name Optional

Gets the signature algorithm name for the certificate signature algorithm.

sig_alg_oid Optional

Signature algorithm OID string from the certificate. An OID is represented by a set of nonnegative whole numbers separated by periods.

array of string as byte
signature Optional

Signature value (the raw signature bits) from the certificate.

array of string
subject_alternative_names Optional

Subject alternative names.

subject_dn Optional

Subject distinguished name of the certificate.

array of boolean
subject_unique_id Optional

Subject unique ID.

thumbprint Optional

Thumbprint of the certificate.

trusted Optional

Whether this certificate is trusted.

integer as int32
version Optional

Version number from the certificate.

JSON Example

    "issuer_dn": "C=US, OU=DR Division, O=\"VMware, Inc.\", CN=\"VMware, Inc.\"",
    "public_key_algorithm": "RSA",
    "public_key_format": "X.509",
    "sig_alg_name": "SHA256withRSA",
    "sig_alg_oid": "1.2.840.10040.4.3",
    "subject_dn": "C=US, OU=DR Division, O=\"VMware, Inc.\", CN=\"VMware, Inc.\"",
    "version": 3
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