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VMware vSphere Replication Server Configuration REST API 1.0.0

Configuration REST API provides API access to DR appliance configuration functionality

Getting started with REST API

Step 1 - Authenticate to the API Endpoint

Create a session ID using the following API:

POST Login

You have been authenticated and have retrieved your API session ID.

Step 2 - Use the session ID in subsequent calls

On subsequent API calls, include the session ID returned in step 1 using an HTTP header, as follows:

x-dr-session: MDYzYmJlZTEtMDhhMC00M2Q3LWE0YWUtNjI2Y2I3ZThjZjVi

Step 3 - Get Appliance Info

Get information about the virtual appliance by using this API:

GET Get Appliance Info

[{"label":"Latest (1.0.0)","version":"latest"}]

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