Backup.BackupRequest structure Structure representing requested backup piece


array of string
parts Required

a list of optional parts. Run backup parts APIs to get list of optional parts and description

location Required

path or url

location_type Required

Backup.LocationType enumerated type Defines type of all locations for backup/restore
FTP : Destination is FTP server
HTTP : Destination is HTTP server
FTPS : Destination is FTPS server
HTTPS : Destination is HTTPS server
SCP : Destination is SSH server
SFTP : Destination is SFTP server
NFS : Destination is NFS server
SMB : Destination is SMB server


string as password
backup_password Optional

a password for a backup piece The backupPassword must adhere to the following password requirements: At least 8 characters, cannot be more than 20 characters in length. At least 1 uppercase letter. At least 1 lowercase letter. At least 1 numeric digit. At least 1 special character (i.e. any character not in [0-9,a-z,A-Z]). Only visible ASCII characters (for example, no space). backupPassword If no password then the piece will not be encrypted

fast_backup Optional

Option to enable Postgres DB/ VCDB fast backup. If unset backup will proceed at slow rate

string as password
location_password Optional

password for location locationPassword Password for the specified user if login is required at this location.

location_user Optional

username for location locationUser User name for this location if login is required.

comment Optional

Custom comment comment an optional comment

JSON Example

	"location": "string",
	"location_type": "FTP",
	"parts": [
Parameter To

Validate Backup


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