The Schedules.Info structure contains information about an existing schedule. The structure includes Schedule ID, parts, location information, encryption password, enable flag, recurrence and retention information.


enable Required

Enable or disable a schedule, by default when created a schedule will be enabled.

string as uri
location Required

URL of the backup location.

array of string
parts Required

List of optional parts that will be included in backups based on this schedule details. Use the Parts.list operation to get information about the supported parts.

fast_backup Optional

Option to enable Postgres DB/ VCDB fast backup If unset backup will proceed at slow rate

location_user Optional

Username for the given location. If unset location user will not be used.

recurrence_info Optional

Recurrence information for the schedule. If unset backup job is not scheduled. See Schedules.RecurrenceInfo

retention_info Optional

Retention information for the schedule. If unset all the completed backup jobs are retained forever. See Schedules.RetentionInfo

JSON Example

	"enable": false,
	"location": "string",
	"parts": [


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