The Update.Info structure describes the state of the appliance update.


state Required

The Update.State enumerated type defines the various states the appliance update can be in.
UP_TO_DATE : The appliance is up to date.
UPDATES_PENDING : A new update is available.
STAGE_IN_PROGRESS : The appliance update is in progress of downloading an update.
INSTALL_IN_PROGRESS : The appliance update is in progress of installing an update.
INSTALL_FAILED : The appliance update failed and cannot recover.
ROLLBACK_IN_PROGRESS : The appliance update failed and recovery is in progress.


version Required

Version of base appliance if state is UP_TO_DATE Version of update being staged or installed if state is INSTALL_IN_PROGRESS or STAGE_IN_PROGRESS Version of update staged if state is UPDATES_PENDING Version of update failed if state is INSTALL_FAILED or ROLLBACK_IN_PROGRESS

string as date-time
latest_query_time Optional

Timestamp of latest query to update repository. If unset the update was never queried

task Optional

The running or completed update task.

JSON Example

	"state": "UP_TO_DATE",
	"version": "string"
Returned By

Get Update


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