The Ipv6 structure defines Ipv6 configuration. to perform Ipv6 network configuration for interfaces.


addresses Optional

The list of addresses to be statically assigned. If set, the addresses were never set.

autoconf Required

An address will be assigned by Stateless Address Autoconfiguration (SLAAC).

configurable Required

The IPv6 is configured or not.

default_gateway Required

The default gateway for static IP address assignment. This configures the global IPv6 default gateway on the appliance with the specified gateway address and interface. This gateway replaces the existing default gateway configured on the appliance. However, if the gateway address is link-local, then it is added for that interface. This does not support configuration of multiple global default gateways through different interfaces.

dhcp Required

An address will be assigned by a DHCP server.

JSON Example

	"autoconf": false,
	"configurable": false,
	"default_gateway": "string",
	"dhcp": false


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