The FailuresAndResponses structure contains fields describing the Failures and responses specific configurations of a cluster. It contains cluster-wide configurations for vsphere HA.


cluster_resource_percentage Optional

This class defines CPU, Memory resource percentages.

array of string
dedicated_failover_hosts Optional

List of hosts dedicated for failover.

host_fail_over_slot_policy Optional

This policy allows setting a fixed slot size

integer as int64
host_failures_cluster_tolerates Optional

Number of host failures that should be tolerated, still guaranteeing sufficient resources to restart virtual machines on available hosts. If not set, we assume 1.

integer as int64
performance_degradation_vm_tolerate Optional

Percentage of resource reduction that a cluster of VMs can tolerate in case of a failover.

policy_type Optional

JSON Example

	"cluster_resource_percentage": {
		"cpu": 0,
		"memory": 0
	"dedicated_failover_hosts": [
	"host_fail_over_slot_policy": {
		"cpu": 0,
		"memory": 0
	"host_failures_cluster_tolerates": 0,
	"performance_degradation_vm_tolerate": 0,
	"policy_type": "string"


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