Currently, this field will available only in following cases 1. This item belongs to a secure content library 2. The item if of type ovf.


array of string
cert_chain Optional

A certificate in base64 encoding. Certificate chain is unset if the item not signed

status Required

The CertVerificationStatus enumerated type defines the certificate verification status of a library item. Currently applicable only to ovf item type
NOT_AVAILABLE : Existing library item which can not be verified. Applying security policy to an existing library may result in this status for items.
VERIFIED : Item has been fully validated during importing or file syncing.
INTERNAL : The Item is cloned/created through vCenter.
VERIFICATION_FAILURE : Item’s certificate or manifest validation failed.
VERIFICATION_IN_PROGRESS : Item certificate verification is in progress.
UNTRUSTED : Certificate used to sign the item is not trusted.


JSON Example

	"status": "NOT_AVAILABLE"


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