The File.Info structure provides information about a file in Content Library Service storage. A file is an actual stored object for a library item. An item will have zero files initially, but one or more can be uploaded to the item.


cached Required

Indicates whether the file is on disk or not.

name Required

The name of the file. This value will be unique within the library item for each file. It cannot be an empty string.

integer as int64
size Required

The file size, in bytes. The file size is the storage used and not the uploaded or provisioned size. For example, when uploading a disk to a datastore, the amount of storage that the disk consumes may be different from the disk file size. When the file is not cached, the size is 0.

version Required

The version of this file; incremented when a new copy of the file is uploaded.

checksum_info Optional

A checksum for validating the content of the file. This value can be used to verify that a transfer was completed without errors.

A checksum cannot always be calculated, and the value will be unset if the file does not have content.

JSON Example

	"cached": false,
	"name": "string",
	"size": 0,
	"version": "string"


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