The Type.Info structure describes support for a specific type of data in an ItemModel. The Type.Info can be queried through the Type service. Type support describes plugins in the Content Library which can provide metadata on library items and help manage the transfer process by adding dependent files when a current file is added.


description Required

A description of the type support offered by the plugin.

name Required

The name of the plugin which provides the type support.

type Required

The type which the plugin supports. To upload a library item of the type supported by the plugin, the ItemModel.type field of the item should be set to this value.

vendor Required

The name of the vendor who created the type support plugin.

version Required

The version number of the type support plugin.

array of SecurityRuleType
supported_rules Optional

List of security rules which can be applied to this item type. If unset no security rule can be associated with this item type.

JSON Example

	"description": "string",
	"name": "string",
	"type": "string",
	"vendor": "string",
	"version": "string"
Returned By

List Type


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