This CompatibilityReport.HclReport represents the hardware compatibility report generated for a specific host and target ESXi release.


devices_hcl Optional

Lists compatibility information for discoverable PCI devices of the host. If unset the server is not compatible with the requested release and the PCI devices cannot be checked.

string as date-time
generated_at Required

Specifies the time the report was generated.

string as uri
host Required

FQDN identifying the ESXi host that the report refers to.

notifications Required

Notifications returned by the operation.

server_hcl Required

Lists compatibility information for the ESXi’s server part.

target_release Required

Indicates for which ESXi release the report is generated.

JSON Example

	"generated_at": "string",
	"host": "string",
	"notifications": {},
	"server_hcl": {
		"matches": [
				"cpu_series": "string",
				"vcg_link": "string"
		"model_compatibility": "COMPATIBLE",
		"server": {
			"bios": {
				"version": "string"
			"cpu_features": "string",
			"cpu_series": "string",
			"model_name": "string",
			"vendor": "string"
	"target_release": "string"


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