The BaseImageCompliance structure contains information that describe the compliance of ESX base image with respect to the base image present in the target software specification.


current Required

Current base image information on the host.

notifications Required

Notifications describing the compliance result.

stage_status Optional

The StageStatus enumerated type contains the possible different staged statuses with respect to target version. This is only relevant when the value of ComplianceStatus is NON_COMPLIANT.
STAGED : Required components/payloads are already staged.
NOT_STAGED : Required components/payloads are not staged.

Possible values are: STAGEDNOT_STAGED

status Required

The ComplianceStatus enumerated type contains the possible different status of compliance with respect to target version.
COMPLIANT : Target version is same as current version.
NON_COMPLIANT : Target version is greater than current version.
INCOMPATIBLE : Target state cannot be applied due to conflict or missing dependencies or the target state is lesser than the current version.
UNAVAILABLE : Drift check failed due to unknown error or check hasn’t happened yet and results are not available.


target Required

Target base image information present in the software specification.

JSON Example

	"current": {
		"version": "string"
	"notifications": {},
	"status": "COMPLIANT",
	"target": {
		"version": "string"


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