The PciDeviceComplianceInfo structure contains information that describe the compliance of a pci device with respect to the component present in the target software specification.


string as uri
compatibility_guide_link Optional

Provides link to the VMware Compatibility Guide for further information on the compatibility. If unset there is no VMware Compatibility link available as this is device used by VSAN.

array of string
compatible_versions Required

List of vSphere Versions compatible for this device. This field is populated only for device found INCOMPATIBLE

device Required

Pci Device Details

host_info Required

Affected List of Host IDs where this device is found. When clients pass a value of this structure as a parameter, the key in the field map must be an identifier for the resource type: HostSystem. When operations return a value of this structure as a result, the key in the field map will be an identifier for the resource type: HostSystem.

notifications Optional

Device Specific notifications describing the compliance result. This field will be unset if there are no notifications

status Required

The ComplianceStatus enumerated type contains the possible different status of compliance with respect to target version.
COMPATIBLE : Target hardware is compliant with VMware Compatibility Guide (VCG)
INCOMPATIBLE : Target hardware is not (recognizably) compliant with VMware Compatibility Guide (VCG)
HCL_DATA_UNAVAILABLE : HCL data can not be fetched to validate cluster hardware.
UNAVAILABLE : Target hardware compliance with VMware Compatibility Guide (VCG) cannot be determined.
NO_FIRMWARE_PROVIDER : No Firmware HSM present in Software Spec to get Firmware Details HardwareSupportPackageInfo structure


supported Required

List of Supported Driver and Firmware Version combination from Harware Compatibility List.

target Required

Driver and Firmware Version from Image Specification.

JSON Example

	"compatible_versions": [
	"device": {
		"did": "string",
		"display_name": "string",
		"driver_name": "string",
		"ssid": "string",
		"svid": "string",
		"vendor": "string",
		"vid": "string"
	"host_info": {
		"key": {
			"name": "string"
	"status": "COMPATIBLE",
	"supported": [
			"driver_name": "string",
			"driver_version": "string",
			"firmware_version": "string"
	"target": {
		"driver_name": "string",
		"driver_version": "string",
		"firmware_version": "string"


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