Settings APIs

The esx settings package provides services to manage ESX settings.



Clusters Configuration

Clusters Configuration Reports

Clusters Enablement

Clusters Enablement Configuration

Clusters Policies

Clusters Policies Apply

Clusters Software

Clusters Software Drafts Software

Clusters Software Reports

Clusters Software Reports Hardware Compatibility

Clusters Software Reports Hardware Compatibility Storage Device Overrides

Defaults Clusters Policies

Defaults Clusters Policies Apply

Defaults Hosts Policies

Defaults Hosts Policies Apply

Depot Content

Depot Content Add Ons

Depot Content Base Images

Depot Content Components


Depots Offline

Depots Online

Depots UMDs

Hardware Support

Hardware Support Managers

Hardware Support Managers Packages


Hosts Enablement

Hosts Policies

Hosts Policies Apply

Hosts Software

Hosts Software Drafts Software

Hosts Software Reports


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