The AuthenticationInfo structure describes the authentication information. Authentication information could be specified for a package element, service elenent or an operation element. Using the authentication scheme information, a client invoking an API call from any service can figure out what kind of credentials are needed for that API call.


scheme Required

String identifier of the authentication scheme. Following are the supported authentication schemes by the infrastructure:

  • The identifier for SAML holder of key token based authentication mechanism.
  • The identifier for SAML bearer token based authentication mechanism.
  • The identifier for session based authentication mechanism.
  • The identifier for username and password based authentication mechanism.

scheme_type Required

The AuthenticationInfo.SchemeType enumerated type provides enumeration values for the set of valid authentication scheme types.
SESSIONLESS : Indicates that the scheme is a session less authentication scheme, the user is authenticated on every operation. There is no explicit session establishment.
SESSION_AWARE : Indicates that the scheme is a session aware authentication scheme. It requires an explicit login before executing a operation and logout when a session terminates. A service might choose to have a session aware scheme if it wants to associate some state corresponding to the user until the user logs out or if it wants to mitigate the cost of authenticating the user on every operation.


session_manager Optional

In a session aware authentication scheme, a session manager is required that supports create, delete and keepAlive operations. The fully qualified service name of the session manager is provided in AuthenticationInfo.session-manager field. This service is responsible for handling sessions. This field is optional and it is only relevant when the value of AuthenticationInfo.scheme-type is SESSION_AWARE.

JSON Example

	"scheme": "string",
	"scheme_type": "SESSIONLESS"


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