The PrivilegeChecks.ListResult structure contains information about the performed privilege checks, if there are any further privilege checks available for reading, and if there are privilege checks potentially missing.


items Required

Privilege checks that match the specifiedPrivilegeChecks.FilterSpec and PrivilegeChecks.IterationSpec in chronological order as they were performed. Each check is recorded only the first time it is made. If more than one privilege check matches a given PrivilegeChecks.FilterSpec (for example, two different opIDs checked System.Read for the same object and the same principal, a FilterSpec which specifies only the principal will only contain the first check).

marker Required

An opaque marker indicating the last returned privilege check. If there are more privilege checks collected than were returned, the next ones can be retrieved directly by passing this value to another call to com.vmware.vcenter.authorization.PrivilegeChecks.list.

truncated Required

In case PrivilegeChecks.IterationSpec.marker was specified and valid, but the privilege check indicated by it is no longer stored,

JSON Example

	"items": [
			"object": {
				"id": "string",
				"type": "string"
			"privilege": "string"
	"marker": "string",
	"truncated": false
Returned By

List Privilege Checks


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