The GuiUnattended structure maps to the GuiUnattended key in the sysprep.xml answer file. These values are plugged directly into the sysprep.xml file that VirtualCenter stores on the target virtual disk. For more detailed information about performing unattended installations, check


auto_logon Required

Flag to determine whether or not the machine automatically logs on as Administrator. See the GuiUnattended.password property. If flag is set, then GuiUnattended.password must not be unset or the guest customization will fail.

integer as int64
auto_logon_count Required

If the flag is set, then this property specifies the number of times the machine should automatically log on as Administrator. Generally it should be 1, but if the setup requires a number of reboots, you may want to increase it. This number may be determined by the list of commands.

string as password
password Optional

The new administrator password for the machine. To specify that the password should be set to blank (that is, no password), leave it unset. If unset, blank password will be used.

integer as int64
time_zone Required

The time zone index for the virtual machine. Numbers correspond to time zones at

JSON Example

	"auto_logon": false,
	"auto_logon_count": 0,
	"time_zone": 0


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