The UserData structure specifies the personal data pertaining to the user of the Windows guest operating system. This structure maps to the UserData key in the sysprep.xml answer file. These values are transferred directly into the sysprep.xml file that VirtualCenter stores on the target virtual disk. For more detailed information about performing unattended installation, check


computer_name Required

The computer name of the (Windows) virtual machine. A computer name may contain letters (A-Z), numbers(0-9) and hyphens (-) but no spaces or periods (.). The name may not consist entirely of digits. A computer name is restricted to 15 characters in length. If the computer name is longer than 15 characters, it will be truncated to 15 characters. Check HostnameGenerator for various options.

full_name Required

Full name of the end user. Note that this is not the username but full name specified in “Firstname Lastname” format.

organization Required

Name of the organization that owns the computer.

product_key Required

The product Key to use for activating Windows guest operating system.

JSON Example

	"computer_name": {
		"type": "FIXED"
	"full_name": "string",
	"organization": "string",
	"product_key": "string"


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