The ExternalPool.AddResult structure provides result of the ExternalPool.add operation.


integer as int64
capacity Required

Capacity of external entropy pool in bytes.

integer as int64
currently_available Required

Currently available amount of entropy in bytes in the external entropy pool.

integer as int64
inactive_source_timeout Required

A timeout period in seconds within which the client must call ExternalPool.get operation or ExternalPool.add operation. If no call is received before the timeout lapses an audit record will be created. This is the timeout to detect any connection lost with the client.

integer as int64
low_watermark Required

A threshold value in bytes. An audit record will be logged when ExternalPool.AddResult.currently-available drops below this value.

JSON Example

	"capacity": 0,
	"currently_available": 0,
	"inactive_source_timeout": 0,
	"low_watermark": 0


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