The Links.Info structure contains information about link.


connection_health_status Optional

The Links.Info.HealthStatus enumerated type defines the possible states for health of a link.
HEALTHY : Connection is healthy
UNHEALTHY : Connection issues will need to be remediated

Possible values are: HEALTHYUNHEALTHY

health_status_message Optional

Localizable messages associated with health status This field is optional and it is only relevant when the value of Links.Info.connection-health-status is UNHEALTHY.

JSON Example

	"connection_health_status": "HEALTHY",
	"health_status_message": {
		"args": [
		"default_message": "string",
		"id": "string",
		"localized": "string",
		"params": {
			"key": {
				"d": 0,
				"dt": "string",
				"format": "SHORT_DATE",
				"i": 0,
				"l": {
					"id": "string",
					"params": "StdLocalizationParam Object"
				"precision": 0,
				"s": "string"
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