The Clusters.Condition structure defines an observation of the configuration state of a Supervisor.


description Required

Description of the condition type in a human readable format.

string as date-time
last_transition_time Optional

Last time the condition transitioned from one state to another. A transition happens when the value of status or severity field changes. if unset, there are no ongoing operations related to bringing the condition to the desired state.

messages Required

A list of human-readable messages that provide additional details about the last transition.

reason Required

A brief CamelCase message indicating details about the reason for the last transition. FailedWithSystemError, ManagementDNSServersMissing and WaitForNodeUpgrade are examples of such messages.

severity Required

The Clusters.Condition.Severity structure represents the severity of the message.
INFO : Informational message.
WARNING : Warning message.
ERROR : Error message.

Possible values are: INFOWARNINGERROR

status Required

Status of the condition, which can be one of TRUE, FALSE or UNKNOWN.
TRUE : Indicates that the condition has reached the desired state.
FALSE : Indicates that the condition has not reached the desired state.
UNKNOWN : Indicates that the status of the condition can not be determined.

Possible values are: TRUEFALSEUNKNOWN

type Required

The type of the condition is a CamelCase, machine readable identifier, indicating the configuration stage. InfrastructureInitialized, ControlPlaneVMsDeployed and ControlPlaneVMsConfigured are examples of such identifiers.

JSON Example

	"description": {
		"args": [
		"default_message": "string",
		"id": "string"
	"messages": [
			"severity": "INFO"
	"reason": "string",
	"severity": "INFO",
	"status": "TRUE",
	"type": "string"


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