The Clusters.WorkloadNetworksEnableSpec contains the specification required to configure workload networks for a vSphere Namespaces Cluster during Enable operation. These workload networks will be used as backing network for Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster VMs and Kubernetes control plane VMs.


network_list Optional

Networks#CreateSpec structurees for additional list of vSphere Namespaces networks to be associated with this cluster. If unset no additional networks will be associated with the cluster.

supervisor_primary_workload_network Required

The Networks#CreateSpec of the vSphere Namespaces network that will be used by Kubernetes control plane VMs to expose Kubernetes API server to devops users and other workloads. It can also used as backing network for Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster VMs.

JSON Example

	"supervisor_primary_workload_network": {
		"network": "string",
		"network_provider": "enum"


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