LoadBalancers.HAProxyConfigSetSpec captures the configuration data required for Supervisor Service Type:LoadBalancer to have an external load balancer be created via HA Proxy.


certificate_authority_chain Required

CertificateAuthorityChain contains PEM-encoded CA chain which is used to verify x509 certificates received from the server.

string as password
password Required

The password for the administrator user.

servers Required

Servers is a list of the addresses for the data plane API servers used to configure HAProxy. Note: This field cannot be updated and should match existing list of servers.

username Required

An administrator user name for accessing the HAProxy Data Plane API server.

JSON Example

	"certificate_authority_chain": "string",
	"password": "string",
	"servers": [
			"host": "string",
			"port": 0
	"username": "string"


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