NSXConfig structure describes the configuration for NSX-T Edge services.


default_ingress_TLS_certificate Optional

NSXConfig.default-ingress-tls-certificate defines a default certificate that is served on Ingress services, when another certificate is not presented. This configuration applies to all namespaces by default. If unset, there will be no certificate served on Ingress.

edge_cluster_ID Optional

NSXConfig.edge-cluster-id defines the NSX Edge Cluster to be used for Kubernetes Services of type LoadBalancer, Kubernetes Ingresses, and NSX SNAT. Defaults to a the edge cluster created earliest.

egress_IP_ranges Optional

NSXConfig.egress-ip-ranges lists the IP Ranges from which NSX assigns IP addresses used for performing SNAT from container IPs to external IPs. These ranges must not overlap with other IP ranges on this network. If this range is empty, network traffic will not be able to exit the cluster.

load_balancer_size Optional

The LoadBalancerSize structure enumerates load balancer sizes supported by NSX.
SMALL : SMALL is a load balancer that hosts up to 20 virtual servers.
MEDIUM : MEDIUM is a load balancer that hosts up to 100 virtual servers.
LARGE : LARGE is a load balancer that hosts up to 1000 virtual servers.

Possible values are: SMALLMEDIUMLARGE

routing_mode Optional

NSXRoutingMode enum defines an enumeration of available routing modes.
ROUTED : ROUTED configures NSX-T to route directly to Pods cluster IP addresses.
NAT : NAT uses network address translation and the NSXConfig.egress-ip-ranges to route traffic out of the cluster.

Possible values are: ROUTEDNAT

t0_gateway Optional

NSXConfig.t0-gateway specifies the default Tier-0 gateway ID for the namespaces configuration. If unset, the default Tier-0 gateway from the edge cluster is used. When clients pass a value of this structure as a parameter, the field must be an identifier for the resource type: NSXTier0Gateway. When operations return a value of this structure as a result, the field will be an identifier for the resource type: NSXTier0Gateway.

JSON Example

	"default_ingress_TLS_certificate": "string",
	"edge_cluster_ID": "string",
	"egress_IP_ranges": [
			"address": "string",
			"count": 0
	"load_balancer_size": "SMALL",
	"routing_mode": "ROUTED",
	"t0_gateway": "string"


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