IPManagement structure dictates IP addressing configuration for the network that hosts the Supervisor.


dhcp_enabled Optional

IPManagement.dhcp-enabled If set true, configures IP address using the DHCP server on the broadcast domain unless the corresponding IPManagement.ip-assignments are set. If unset this field defaults to true.

gateway_address Optional

IPManagement.gateway-address is the IP address combined with the subnet prefix length (e.g. of the default gateway of this network. If IPManagement.dhcp-enabled is not set, or this is an NSX network, this address must be set.

ip_assignments Optional

IPManagement.ip-assignments are a list of roles that can be allocated to IP addresses. If IPManagement.gateway-address is specified, these assignments must be on the same subnet. These assignments are optional when using DHCP.

JSON Example

	"dhcp_enabled": false,
	"gateway_address": "string",
	"ip_assignments": [
			"assignee": "POD",
			"ranges": [
					"address": "string",
					"count": 0


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