ControlPlane structure describes the control plane configuration. It allows you to adjust configuration such as size, network, and storage required to support the control plane runtime.


login_banner Optional

ControlPlane.login-banner is a disclaimer displayed prior to login via the Kubectl plugin.

If this banner is unset, no message will be displayed to users.

network Required

The management is used by vCenter and the control plane to manage the cluster. vCenter and the NSX (if used) management plane must be accessible from this network.

The Supervisor requires that management network traffic is not L3 routable from workload network traffic.

size Optional

The SizingHint enumerated type determines the configuration of Kubernetes API server and the worker nodes. It also determines the default values associated with the maximum number of pods and services. Use ClusterSizeInfo.get to get information associated with a SizingHint.
TINY : Cluster size of ‘tiny’.
SMALL : Cluster size of ‘small’.
MEDIUM : Cluster size of ‘medium’.
LARGE : Cluster size of ‘large’.


storage_policy Optional identifies the storage policy backing the Supervisor Kubernetes API server.

This resource is required. When clients pass a value of this structure as a parameter, the field must be an identifier for the resource type: SpsStorageProfile. When operations return a value of this structure as a result, the field will be an identifier for the resource type: SpsStorageProfile.

JSON Example

	"network": {
		"backing": {
			"backing": "NETWORK"


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