Network structure represents configuration for a network used to manage the Supervisor control plane. vCenter and, if used, NSX Manager and/or external Load Balancers, etc. should be reachable on this network.


backing Required

Network.backing specifies the network backing to use as the uplink to the management network.

floating_IP_address Optional

Network.floating-ip-address is an IP address that provides a stable endpoint to the control plane. This address if specified must be an unused statically allocated IP address on the management network.

If unset and the management network is a static network, this address should be allocated in a static IP configuration which occurs when IPManagement.dhcp-enabled is set to false. If unset and the management network is a DHCP network, The Supervisor will attempt to use the DHCP server to allocate this address. You should ensure the DHCP server is configured to persist IP addresses indefinitely using client identifiers if this configuration is used.

ip_management Optional

Network.ip-management describes how IP addressing is configured on this network.

If unset, this network becomes a DHCP network. Your DHCP server must support client identifiers to successfully enable a Supervisor.

network Optional is a unique identifier for this network which can be referenced later for updates or queries.

If unset, an ID will be generated. When clients pass a value of this structure as a parameter, the field must be an identifier for the resource type: com.vmware.vcenter.namespace_management.Network. When operations return a value of this structure as a result, the field will be an identifier for the resource type: com.vmware.vcenter.namespace_management.Network.

proxy Optional

Proxy configuration will be applied to the Supervisor. The proxy should be reachable from the management network and will be used for image pulling and container traffic exiting out of the Supervisor.

If unset the settings will be inherited from the vCenter settings if available.

services Optional specifies which network services are configured on this network. These network services are expected to be accessible via the associated distributed virtual port group or distributed virtual switch.

If unset, network services may be automatically configured. If you want to disable any configuration of network services, explicitly set this structure to empty.

JSON Example

	"backing": {
		"backing": "NETWORK"


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