A Summary.FilterSpec can be specified to filter summary output by any allowed criteria. An empty Summary.FilterSpec will cause all results of the query to be returned.


config_status Optional

The Summary.ConfigStatus enumerated type describes the status of reaching the desired state configuration for the Supervisor.
CONFIGURING : The Namespace configuration is being applied to the Supervisor.
REMOVING : The Namespace configuration is being removed from the Supervisor.
RUNNING : The Supervisor is configured correctly with the Namespace configuration.
ERROR : Failed to apply the Namespace configuration to the Supervisor, user intervention needed.


kubernetes_status Optional

The Summary.KubernetesStatus enumerated type describes the Supervisor’s ability to deploy pods.
READY : The Supervisor is able to accept pods.
WARNING : The Supervisor may be able to accept pods, but has warning messages.
ERROR : The Supervisor may not be able to accept pods and has error messages.

Possible values are: READYWARNINGERROR

JSON Example

	"config_status": "CONFIGURING",
	"kubernetes_status": "READY"


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