The Instances.Access structure contains the access control information for a subject on a namespace.


domain Required

Domain of the subject.

role Required

The Access.Role enumerated type lists the default roles which can be associated with a subject on a domain on the namespace.
OWNER : This role allows modification and deletion of the namespace.
EDIT : This role allows modification of the namespace.
VIEW : This is a read-only role on the namespace.

Possible values are: OWNEREDITVIEW

subject Required

Name of the subject.

subject_type Required

The Access.SubjectType enumerated type lists the types of subjects who can be associated with a Access.Role on the namespace.
USER : Single user.
GROUP : Group of users.

Possible values are: USERGROUP

JSON Example

	"domain": "string",
	"role": "OWNER",
	"subject": "string",
	"subject_type": "USER"


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