The page describes the status of the namespace self-service on the cluster on which vSphere Namespaces enabled.
CONFIGURING : The configuration is being applied to the service.
RUNNING : The namespace self service is configured correctly. The expected transitions: 1. CONFIGURING –> RUNNING 2. RUNNING –> CONFIGURING. This transition occurs in the below scenarios: a. When different Dev Users/Groups are empowered with self-service namespace access. b. To reconcile the state of the cluster after the cluster upgrade.
REMOVING : The configuration is being removed and service is being deleted. The expected transitions: 1. CONFIGURING –> RUNNING –> REMOVING 2. CONFIGURING –> REMOVING
DEACTIVATED : The namespace self service is deactivated. This status also represents the initial status of the service before activation. The expected transitions after the service is activated: 1. CONFIGURING –> RUNNING –> REMOVING –> DEACTIVATED 2. CONFIGURING –> REMOVING –> DEACTIVATED
ERROR : Failed to apply the configuration to the namespace self-service or unable to deactivate the namespace self-service, user intervention needed. The expected transitions: 1. CONFIGURING –> ERROR 2. CONFIGURING –> RUNNING –> ERROR 3. CONFIGURING –> RUNNING –> REMOVING –> ERROR 4. CONFIGURING –> REMOVING –> ERROR The NamespaceSelfService.Info.messages field captures the relevant error messages explaining this ERROR status.



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