The NamespaceTemplates.UpdateSpec structure contains the specification required to update a namespace namespace template.


array of string
networks Optional

vSphere Namespaces network objects to be associated with the namespace. The values of this list need to reference names of pre-existing Networks.Info structures. The field must be left unset if the cluster hosting the namespace uses NSXT_CONTAINER_PLUGIN as the network provider, since the network(s) for this namespace will be managed by NSX-T Container Plugin. If field is unset when the cluster hosting the namespace uses VSPHERE_NETWORK as its network provider, the namespace will automatically be associated with the cluster’s Supervisor Primary Workload Network. The field currently accepts at most only 1 vSphere Namespaces network object reference. When clients pass a value of this structure as a parameter, the field must contain identifiers for the resource type: ClusterComputeResource. When operations return a value of this structure as a result, the field will contain identifiers for the resource type: ClusterComputeResource.

permissions Optional

Permissions associated with namespace template. If unset, only users with the Administrator role can use this template; for example, this template is applied to the namespace created by self-service-users with the Administrator role.

resource_spec Optional

Resource quota on the namespace. Refer to com.vmware.vcenter.namespace_management.NamespaceResourceOptions.Info#createResourceQuotaType and use com.vmware.vcenter.namespace_management.NamespaceResourceOptions#get for retrieving the type for the value for this field. For an example of this, see ResourceQuotaOptionsV1. If unset, no resource limits will be set on the namespace.

storage_specs Optional

Storage that this template defines and will be associated with a namespace after namespace realization.

JSON Example

	"networks": [
	"permissions": [
			"domain": "string",
			"subject": "string",
			"subject_type": "enum"
	"resource_spec": {},
	"storage_specs": [
			"limit": 0,
			"policy": "string"


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