The TokenInfo structure contains data that represents successful access-token response as defined in RFC 6749 and extended in RFC 8693.


access_token Required

The access token issued by the authorization server.

token_type Required

A case-insensitive value specifying the method of using the access token issued.

integer as int64
expires_in Optional

The validity lifetime, in seconds, of the token issued by the server. unset if not applicable for issued token.

issued_token_type Optional

An identifier which indicates the type of the access token in the TokenInfo.access-token field. unset if not the result of a token-exchange invocation; otherwise, required.

refresh_token Optional

The refresh token, which can be used to obtain new access tokens. unset if not applicable to the specific request.

scope Optional

Scope of the issued access token. The value of the scope parameter is expressed as a list of space- delimited, case-sensitive strings. The strings are defined by the authorization server. If the value contains multiple space-delimited strings, their order does not matter, and each string adds an additional access range to the requested scope. unset if the scope of the issued security token is identical to the scope requested by the client.

JSON Example

	"access_token": "string",
	"token_type": "string"
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