This has been deprecated and may be removed in future versions.


The TokenExchange.Info structure contains data that represents successful token exchange response.


access_token Required

The security token issued by the server in response to the token exchange request. Token is base64-encoded.

integer as int64
expires_in Optional

The validity lifetime, in seconds, of the token issued by the server. if not applicable for issued token.

issued_token_type Required

An identifier, that indicates the type of the security token in the TokenExchange.Info.access-token parameter.

refresh_token Optional

A refresh token can be issued in cases where the client of the token exchange needs the ability to access a resource even when the original credential is no longer valid. if not needed for specific case of exchange.

scope Optional

Scope of the issued security token. if the scope of the issued security token is identical to the scope requested by the client.

token_type Required

A case-insensitive value specifying the method of using the access token issued.

JSON Example

	"access_token": "string",
	"issued_token_type": "string",
	"token_type": "string"

Vendor Extensions

This class contains the following vendor extensions defined in the spec:
x-vmw-doc-deprecated: "true"


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