The EventLog.Info structure contains information that describes an event log.


banks Required

The resulting PCR banks from event log replay.

string as binary
data Required

Event log data in the format described by EventLog.Info.type. This field is currently required. It may be optional in a future version.

truncated Required

Indicates if the event log is truncated. An event log is truncated when there was insufficient memory to store one or more event entries.

type Required

The EventLog.Type enumerated type lists the event log types.
EFI_TCG2_EVENT_LOG_FORMAT_TCG_2 : TCG EFI Protocol Specification, Family “2.0”, Level 00 Revision 00.13, March 30, 2016, Section 5.2 Crypto Agile Log Entry Format.

Possible values are: EFI_TCG2_EVENT_LOG_FORMAT_TCG_2

JSON Example

	"banks": [
			"algorithm": "SHA256",
			"pcrs": {
				"key": "string"
	"data": "string",
	"truncated": false,


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