The ServicesAppliedConfig.FilterSpec structure specifies the matching criteria to be applied when filtering out ServicesAppliedConfig.Summary structures from the collection returned by the list method. Only ServicesAppliedConfig.Summary structures containing the values specified in this structure will be returned from the list method. If multiple members of the filter spec are set, all of them must match for a result to be filtered out and returned.


address Optional

The network address of the Key Provider Service configured for use in the Trusted Cluster. If unset, no filtration will be performed by network address.

health Optional

The ServicesAppliedConfig.Health enumerated type is an indicator for the consistency of the applied Key Provider Service configuration in a cluster with respect to the desired state.
NONE : The consistency of the applied configuration is unknown.
OK : The applied Key Provider Service configuration is consistent with the desired state.
ERROR : The applied Key Provider Service configuration has diverged from the desired state.

Possible values are: NONEOKERROR

JSON Example

	"address": [
			"hostname": "string",
			"port": 0
	"health": "NONE"


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