The Cluster.NodeRuntimeInfo structure describes a node’s runtime information in a VCHA Cluster.


placement Optional

Placement information of the node. The active node’s management vCenter server credentials are required to populate most fields of Cluster.NodeRuntimeInfo.placement. If unset, then the information is unavailable or the specified Active vCenter server management credentials are invalid or the node is not cloned yet or the VCHA cluster was deployed in a manual fashion.

role Optional

The Cluster.NodeRole enumerated type defines the role node can be in a VCHA Cluster.
ACTIVE : Node is having a role of Active. In this role, node runs a vCenter Server that serves client requests.
PASSIVE : Node is having a role of Passive. In this role node, runs as a standby for the Active vCenter Server and receives state updates. This node takes over the role of Active vCenter Server upon failover.
WITNESS : Node is having a role of Witness. In this role, node acts as a quorum node for avoiding the classic split-brain problem.


state Optional

The Cluster.NodeState enumerated type defines possible state a node can be in a VCHA Cluster.
UP : Node is up and has joined the VCHA Cluster.
DOWN : Node is down and has left the VCHA Cluster.

Possible values are: UPDOWN

JSON Example

	"placement": {
		"bios_uuid": "string",
		"cluster": "string",
		"cluster_name": "string",
		"datacenter": "string",
		"datacenter_name": "string",
		"ha_network": "string",
		"ha_network_name": "string",
		"ha_network_type": "STANDARD_PORTGROUP",
		"host": "string",
		"host_name": "string",
		"management_network": "string",
		"management_network_name": "string",
		"management_network_type": "STANDARD_PORTGROUP",
		"management_vcenter_name": "string",
		"management_vcenter_server_guid": "string",
		"storage": {
			"datastore": "string",
			"datastore_name": "string"
		"vm_name": "string"
	"role": "ACTIVE",
	"state": "UP"


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