The Disk.VmdkCreateSpec structure provides a specification for creating a new VMDK file to be used as a backing for a virtual disk. The virtual disk will be stored in the same directory as the virtual machine’s configuration file.


integer as int64
capacity Optional

Capacity of the virtual disk backing in bytes. If unset, defaults to a guest-specific capacity.

name Optional

Base name of the VMDK file. The name should not include the ‘.vmdk’ file extension. If unset, a name (derived from the name of the virtual machine) will be chosen by the server.

storage_policy Optional

The Disk.StoragePolicySpec structure contains information about the storage policy that is to be associated the with VMDK file. If unset the default storage policy of the target datastore (if applicable) is applied. Currently a default storage policy is only supported by object based datastores : VVol & vSAN. For non- object datastores, if unset then no storage policy would be associated with the VMDK file.

JSON Example

	"capacity": 0,
	"name": "string",
	"storage_policy": {
		"policy": "string"


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