The Serial.CreateSpec structure provides a specification for the configuration of a newly-created virtual serial port.


allow_guest_control Optional

Flag indicating whether the guest can connect and disconnect the device. Defaults to false if unset.

backing Optional

Physical resource backing for the virtual serial port. If unset, defaults to automatic detection of a suitable host device.

start_connected Optional

Flag indicating whether the virtual device should be connected whenever the virtual machine is powered on. Defaults to false if unset.

yield_on_poll Optional

CPU yield behavior. If set to true, the virtual machine will periodically relinquish the processor if its sole task is polling the virtual serial port. The amount of time it takes to regain the processor will depend on the degree of other virtual machine activity on the host. If unset, defaults to false.

JSON Example

	"allow_guest_control": false,
	"backing": {
		"file": "string",
		"host_device": "string",
		"network_location": "string",
		"no_rx_loss": false,
		"pipe": "string",
		"proxy": "string",
		"type": "FILE"
	"start_connected": false,
	"yield_on_poll": false
Parameter To

Create Hardware Serial


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