The Hardware.UpdateSpec structure describes the updates to virtual hardware settings of a virtual machine.


upgrade_policy Optional

The Hardware.UpgradePolicy enumerated type defines the valid virtual hardware upgrade policies for a virtual machine.
NEVER : Do not upgrade the virtual machine when it is powered on.
AFTER_CLEAN_SHUTDOWN : Run scheduled upgrade when the virtual machine is powered on after a clean shutdown of the guest operating system.
ALWAYS : Run scheduled upgrade when the virtual machine is powered on.


upgrade_version Optional

The Hardware.Version enumerated type defines the valid virtual hardware versions for a virtual machine. See https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/1003746 (Virtual machine hardware versions (1003746)).
VMX_03 : Hardware version 3, first supported in ESXi 2.5.
VMX_04 : Hardware version 4, first supported in ESXi 3.0.
VMX_06 : Hardware version 6, first supported in WS 6.0.
VMX_07 : Hardware version 7, first supported in ESXi 4.0.
VMX_08 : Hardware version 8, first supported in ESXi 5.0.
VMX_09 : Hardware version 9, first supported in ESXi 5.1.
VMX_10 : Hardware version 10, first supported in ESXi 5.5.
VMX_11 : Hardware version 11, first supported in ESXi 6.0.
VMX_12 : Hardware version 12, first supported in Workstation 12.0.
VMX_13 : Hardware version 13, first supported in ESXi 6.5.
VMX_14 : Hardware version 14, first supported in ESXi 6.7.
VMX_15 : Hardware version 15, first supported in ESXi 6.7 Update 2.
VMX_16 : Hardware version 16, first supported in Workstation 15.0.
VMX_17 : Hardware version 17, first supported in ESXi 7.0.0-0.
VMX_18 : Hardware version 18, first supported in ESXi 7.0 U1.
VMX_19 : Hardware version 19, first supported in ESXi 7.0 U2.

Possible values are: VMX_03VMX_04VMX_06VMX_07VMX_08VMX_09VMX_10VMX_11VMX_12VMX_13VMX_14VMX_15VMX_16VMX_17VMX_18VMX_19

JSON Example

	"upgrade_policy": "NEVER",
	"upgrade_version": "VMX_03"
Parameter To

Update Hardware


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