The LocalAccounts service provides operations to manage local user account.


email Optional

Email address of the local account If unset, value will not be changed

enabled Required

Flag indicating if the account is enabled

fullname Optional

Full name of the user If unset, the value was never set.

has_password Required

Is the user password set.

string as date-time
last_password_change Optional

Date and time password was changed. If unset, the password was never set.

integer as int64
max_days_between_password_change Optional

Maximum number of days between password change If unset, password never expires.

integer as int64
min_days_between_password_change Optional

Minimum number of days between password change If unset, pasword can be changed any time.

string as password
password Optional

Password If unset, value will not be changed

string as date-time
password_expires_at Optional

Date when the account’s password will expire If unset, the password never expires.

array of string
roles Optional

User roles

integer as int64
warn_days_before_password_expiration Optional

Number of days of warning before password expires If unset, a user is never warned.

JSON Example

	"enabled": false,
	"has_password": false


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