The SubscribedLibrary.ProbeResult structure defines the subscription information probe result. This describes whether using a given subscription URL is successful or if there are access problems, such as SSL errors.


error_messages Required

If the probe result is in an error status, this field will contain the detailed error messages.

ssl_thumbprint Optional

The SSL thumbprint for the remote endpoint. An SSL thumbprint is only returned if the host is secured with SSL/TLS.

status Required

The SubscribedLibrary.ProbeResult.Status enumerated type defines the error status constants for the probe result.
SUCCESS : Indicates that the probe was successful.
INVALID_URL : Indicates that the supplied URL was not valid.
TIMED_OUT : Indicates that the probe timed out while attempting to connect to the URL.
HOST_NOT_FOUND : Indicates that the host in the URL could not be found.
RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND : Indicates that the given resource at the URL was not found.
INVALID_CREDENTIALS : Indicates that the connection was rejected due to invalid credentials.
CERTIFICATE_ERROR : Indicates that the provided server certificate thumbprint in SubscriptionInfo.ssl-thumbprint is invalid. In this case, the returned #sslThumbprint should be set in SubscriptionInfo.ssl-thumbprint.
UNKNOWN_ERROR : Indicates an unspecified error different from the other error cases defined in SubscribedLibrary.ProbeResult.Status.


JSON Example

	"error_messages": [
			"args": [
			"default_message": "string",
			"id": "string"
	"status": "SUCCESS"


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