The Pending.ListResult structure contains information about the pending patch/updates for the given vCenter server.


issues Optional

Lists of issues encountered during pending updates retrieval. set if any issues encountered.

string as date-time
last_check_time Required

Time when the software depo was last checked.

integer as int64
update_count Optional

Number of pending updates Only set if there are available updates

updates Required

List of pending update details

integer as int64
upgrade_count Optional

Number of pending upgrades Only set if there are available upgrades

JSON Example

	"last_check_time": "string",
	"updates": [
			"build": "string",
			"category": "SECURITY",
			"execute_URL": "string",
			"pending_update": "string",
			"reboot_required": false,
			"release_date": "string",
			"release_notes": [
			"severity": "CRITICAL",
			"update_type": "PATCH",
			"version": "string"


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