The Clusters.Info structure contains detailed information about the cluster upgrade status and related information.


array of string
available_versions Required

Set of available versions can be upgraded to.

current_version Required

Current version of the cluster.

string as date-time
last_upgraded_date Optional

Date of last successful upgrade. If unset, the cluster has not yet been upgraded.

messages Required

Current set of messages associated with the cluster version.

state Required

The Clusters.State enumerated type describes the state of the upgrade.
PENDING : Upgrade is in progress.
READY : Cluster is ready when there is no upgrade or upgrade is completed.
ERROR : Upgrade failed and need user intervention.

Possible values are: PENDINGREADYERROR

upgrade_status Optional

Information about upgrade in progress. If unset, the cluster upgrade is not in progress.

JSON Example

	"available_versions": [
	"current_version": "string",
	"messages": [
			"details": {
				"args": [
				"default_message": "string",
				"id": "string"
			"severity": "INFO"
	"state": "PENDING"


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