The Tools.Info structure describes the VMWare Tools properties of a virtual machine.


auto_update_supported Required

Set if the virtual machine supports auto-upgrading Tools via Tools.UpgradePolicy.

error Optional

Error that happened, if any, during last attempt to upgrade or install Tools. Only set if a the last Tools install or upgrade attempt failed.

integer as int64
install_attempt_count Optional

Number of attempts that have been made to install or upgrade the version of Tools installed on this virtual machine. Only set if there was a recent Tools install or upgrade attempt.

install_type Optional

The Tools.ToolsInstallType enumerated type defines the installation type of the Tools in the guest operating system.
UNKNOWN : Installation type is not known. Most likely tools have been installed by OSPs or open-vm-tools, but a version that does not report its install type or an install type that we do not recognize.
MSI : MSI is the installation type used for VMware Tools on Windows.
TAR : Tools have been installed by the tar installer.
OSP : OSPs are RPM or Debian packages tailored for the OS in the VM. See http://packages.vmware.com
OPEN_VM_TOOLS : open-vm-tools are the open-source version of VMware Tools, may have been packaged by the OS vendor.


run_state Required

Current run state of VMware Tools in the guest operating system.
NOT_RUNNING : VMware Tools is not running.
RUNNING : VMware Tools is running.
EXECUTING_SCRIPTS : VMware Tools is running scripts as part of a state transition.


upgrade_policy Required

The Tools.UpgradePolicy enumerated type defines when Tools are auto-upgraded for a virtual machine.
MANUAL : No auto-upgrades for Tools will be performed for this virtual machine. Users must manually invoke the Tools.upgrade operation to update Tools.
UPGRADE_AT_POWER_CYCLE : When the virtual machine is power-cycled, the system checks for a newer version of Tools when the virtual machine is powered on. If it is available, a Tools upgrade is automatically performed on the virtual machine and it is rebooted if necessary.


version Optional

Version of VMware Tools installed on the guest operating system. This is a human-readable value that should not be parsed. Only set if Tools is installed.

integer as int64
version_number Optional

Version of VMware Tools installed on the guest operating system. Only set if Tools is installed. This is an integer constructed as follows: (((MJR) << 10) + ((MNR) << 5) + (REV)) Where MJR is tha major verson, MNR is the minor version and REV is the revision. Tools version = T Tools Version Major = MJR = (T / 1024) Tools Version Minor = MNR = ((T % 1024) / 32) Tools Version Revision = BASE = ((T % 1024) % 32) Tools actual version = MJR.MNR.REV

version_status Optional

The Tools.VersionStatus enumerated type defines the version status types of VMware Tools installed in the guest operating system.
NOT_INSTALLED : VMware Tools has never been installed.
CURRENT : VMware Tools is installed, and the version is current.
UNMANAGED : VMware Tools is installed, but it is not managed by VMware. This includes open-vm-tools or OSPs which should be managed by the guest operating system.
TOO_OLD_UNSUPPORTED : VMware Tools is installed, but the version is too old.
SUPPORTED_OLD : VMware Tools is installed, supported, but a newer version is available.
SUPPORTED_NEW : VMware Tools is installed, supported, and newer than the version available on the host.
TOO_NEW : VMware Tools is installed, and the version is known to be too new to work correctly with this virtual machine.
BLACKLISTED : VMware Tools is installed, but the installed version is known to have a grave bug and should be immediately upgraded.


JSON Example

	"auto_update_supported": false,
	"run_state": "NOT_RUNNING",
	"upgrade_policy": "MANUAL"


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