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Developer Center Partner Network FAQ

This video is a guide for logging into the new VMware Developer Center Partner Network (DCPN).

Login Questions

Question: I keep getting this error message. What should I do?

Login Error
Your login attempt using single sign-on with an identity provider certificate has failed. Please contact your administrator for more information.
Answer: We have seen this issue if you change tabs before completing the login process, if previous logins failed, or if your login times out in one browser tab and you attempt to log in using a new tab. You must complete the login process within the same tab that you started.
  1. Clear browser cookies.
  2. Close the browser and log in again.
  3. Complete the login process in the same tab. You must complete the login process within the same tab that you started.

If you cannot login after following these steps, contact

Question: I've logged in to Developer Center using my Partner Central login, but I can't login to DCPN. How do I login to DCPN?

Answer: You must login to DCPN using your My VMware account. Log out of Developer Center and log in using the My VMware account. Choose the button for My VMware in the login dialog box. Your My VMware account is normally your corporate email address.   If you forgot your password, please click the "Forgot your password?" link, and an email will be sent to your email address to reset the password.

General Questions

Question: How do I add a new user?
Answer: Your company or organization has appointed an employee as DCPN Administrator. The DCPN Administrator for your company must add any new users for your company. VMware does not add users.

Question: Why can't I see the Home, Projects, or Cases tab?
Answer: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9  Compatibility mode is not supported. Please use another browser to connect to DCPN or switch off compatibility mode in IE 9.

Question: Why are some of my projects missing from DCPN? I had 8 projects in, but only 5 projects appear in DCPN.
Answer: Member projects, which only contained users and no cases, are not migrated to DCPN. DCPN does not use projects to manage users.

Question: I did not have project membership. How can I join my company's development project in DCPN?
Answer: Contact your company's DCPN administrator.. If you do not know who that is, contact and specify the project name. DCPN Support can give you your organization's DCPN administrator.

Question:  Is there a size limitation for attachments?
Answer:  Yes, the limit is 4GB.

Question: Can the comment section be resized?
Answer: The section can be resized in Internet Explorer but not in other browsers.

Question: Is there a delay for the file to be viewable when I upload a file?
Answer: There is no delay. Uploads are instant and can be viewed immediately after uploading the file.

Question: How can I map artifact ID to DCPN case ID?
Answer: You can search DCPN cases using the artifact IDs. Navigate to the cases tab, enter the old artifact ID (without space) in the search field and click Search. The case returned by search corresponds to the old artifact. To return to the default list of cases, click Clear.